Urban Moorings CIC Completed Projects Building Composting Bins

Building Composting Bins

Using big old recycled beams, which can be a real pain to cut and have all sorts of of nails and stuff that has to be removed, means progress can be a bit slow. But its worth it and when Ali and Ronni are working together there is a lot of laughing, a nice way to slow things down a bit.

6 big composting bins completed – well 4 x composting (humanure) 1 Composting food waste and 1 x recycling bin. All made from the old beams from the now disappeared “shed of despair”, along with the last of the recycled decking donated to us last year. Ali, Lou and Ronni have made a great job of them. Not forgetting Yogi and his trusty chain saw that made cutting the big beams to length a doddle . So If you are on a boat, have a composting loo and are coming by us, you can pop in and add the solids to our bin so that it can be fully composted. Another small service we can offer.

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