Urban Moorings CIC Completed Projects Building the Moorings Has Started

Building the Moorings Has Started

Well after months and months of producing reports after reports, concept drawings showing how we going to build the mooring. Risk assessments, Method statements and insurance. We produced a report 18 pages long!!! Anyway we have finally got permission to build the walkway and moorings. 

Stage one was to cut pointy ends on the alder posts, That done we have loads of giant pencils. The next bit we bang them in by hand using a pile driver following the line of the canal. This all happened between rain showers. Then we started to construct the walkway.  We had the help of Kerri & Dan from Revie Canal Co so the job got done quicker than we thought.  We now have around 50ft of mooring. This is where the services will be when we have cleared all the bricks.

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