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Garden Update and Plants for Sale

Its Turned a Bit Warm. Don’t know what it’s been like in your neck of the woods, but here at Urban moorings May was a bit damp and cool. Well to be honest, it was very wet and cold enough for me (Jennie) to have my fire on far more than I would usually do. Then suddenly the rain stopped, and the sun came out and it became a bit warm. Very warm. Temperatures up in the mid 20`s the last couple of days.

The poor plants didn’t know what had hit them and when the rain stopped they put on a massive growing spurt. By plants I mean all plants, even the ones growing in the wrongs place – AKA the `weeds`. Mind they do look quite lovely and have turned the place nice and green and some of the flowers are very pretty. The insects love it. And as we have lots of insects, the number of bats visiting us around dusk time are increasing. Knew there was a good reason to let at least some of the `weeds` grow.

We now have two Olive Trees. They have just been re-potted and seem quite happy. They will be part of our Mediterranean garden. That’s the area around our lovely little greenhouse. Aiming to paint the walls a deep blue and terracotta colour with maybe a couple of tiles thrown in. Have tables and chairs that have been donated to Urban Moorings in place. They just need a bit of a rub down and a lick of colourful paint. And maybe a patch of gravel garden. Should look good when its done. That’s another volunteer job if anyone is interested in giving us a helping hand.

The grass is growing like the clappers as well. It’s a job in itself just trying to keep it cut. Bit of background. When we first arrived here at Urban Moorings, there was not a blade of grass to found. With some gentle feeding of the ground and sowing of seed, we have quite a bit of grass. Not a formal lawn or anything. It grows in big and little patches all over the site, so the only way to cut it is by using shears. A slow job at the best of times but kind of pleasing simply because we have grass growing well enough to warrant cutting. And it’s another thing that volunteers who want a bit of exercise can help us with.

In other garden news, the beans are in as are the sprouts, cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli, carrots, swede, turnips, parsnips, garlic, lettuce and onions. Courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins and cucumbers are still waiting to be planted out. We have a variety of cucumber that produces little cucumbers that can be eaten or pickled. New one for this year.

Going to plant some of the cherry tomato plants in hanging baskets this year to see how they go. And we have fruit. We have rhubarb, gooseberries, red currants, black currants, raspberries as well as apples, pears, plums, cherries and a green gauge tree. The fruit trees are mostly babies so not expecting to much from them this year. I know, it sounds like loads of stuff. In truth we have a little bit of lots of things growing. Its fun to see how much can be grown in a limited amount of space.

The herb garden needs a bit of work, but all the herbs are doing well, especially the coriander which has gone mad. Lou cut it back hard which is what it needed. Love fresh herbs. Apart from that lots of meadow plant seeds have been sown along with lots of mixed flower seeds in some of the refurbished beds up by the boats. Will have to wait and see what germinates. Also have loads of baby flower plants that will be dotted around the place in beds and pots as they grow.

It is amazing to think that four short years ago this whole area was completely covered with a forest of buddleia and there was no soil to speak of for anything much to grow. Now it is a green space with lots of plant life, insects and wildlife. And right next to the canal. And a nice place to sit and chill out if you want you, and we often do. If you want to become part of the Urban Moorings volunteer team you can find out more here.

Or if you would like some of our excess plants (we have a few) come along on Saturday between 10 and 1pm and see what we have got. No prices, just a donation of what you can afford. Till next time – Jennie

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