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Green House Made from Scrap

We started on the clearing the green house area in March. As with every part of this site Buddleia removal is the first job. Its chopping hacking shredding ,burning and then stump removal. It’s hard work and we can hear the screams “but buddleia is the butterfly plant”……. Buddleia is an invasive species that takes over everything and destroys diversity.

Yes its great for butterflies but so is a diverse selections of plants around a site which encourages all insects which in turn encourages a variety of birds. It also destroys buildings and walls. So it’s getting removed. With the help of Scott (one of our volunteers) we have managed to clear all of the area that will become our greenhouse. A big thank you to Scott as he has given his time and energy to help us we removed so much of the dreaded buddleia and a heap of junk!

As is also usual with this site there is lots of dumped rubbish. In the green house courtyard we have found 100’s of glass bottles, mostly whiskey and some rum. We can only conclude that the previous occupier had a serious drinking problem or they were a gang of pirates!! We have also removed what we think is parts of an entire car. We have found seats, carpet, brakes, gear stick, lights, enough cable to reach the city centre and enough tires to make loads of planters.

As we dug down we found a concrete slab that saves us the job of constructing foundations for the greenhouse. We used the soil and tires to build a bench in the garden. Thank You to Heather and Paul who donated their conservatory to us. It was being removed because they were having an extension build.

The construction started pvc panels joined together and roof added. The only thing we had to buy was screws and PVC corrugated panels for the roof. Around a £100 in all. Using wood from site and donated by Cathrine who salvaged some from a building site she was working on (yes she did have permission!!) we created the gables and then it was painted with leftover wood stain from the sheds and bench and voila one funky greenhouse now being used to grow seedlings,tomatoes and peppers. We have been having discussions and we might try cucumbers!!.

The water butt was donated by Lee from next door along with a load of pots. The guttering was fixed in place and all ready to catch the rain. It did make us laugh as we just put it in and we haven’t had rain for a couple of weeks!!!!!

We are still clearing the soil out of the way and are making a courtyard type area around the green house. We have built a rockery and a bench from old lock beams. Next will use the glass bottles to build a glass wall planter in the corner.

Thanks for reading and if you want to help we are always looking for volunteers. Also always on the lookout for donations of wood or if you would be so kind you can donate money which will be used to do more exciting restoration and projects on site.

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