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Who Are We

Urban Moorings CIC are a group of boaters who have lived and worked on the canals of the UK for many years. Working with the aim of wanting to create mooring sites that boaters actually want, integrating ecology, history, art and volunteering.

Aerial view of Urban Moorings

Slow Regeneration

We came up with a unique concept based on the idea of 'Slow Regeneration' which allows us to develop moorings without having to spend millions of pounds and digging big soul less holes filled with water tagged onto the canal.

Clearing years of overgrowth

Follow Our Journey

Here is our Journey on how we plan to turn derelict pieces of land into self managed boater run moorings and a local community resource. Keep up to date with what we are up to here in Wolverhampton.

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By the Canal

Living and working on the canals provides a set of challenges that many on land have never experienced. It gives us a unique way of looking at the world and our surroundings. Forward thinking, creativity and planning are essential.

Mixing Concrete


Volunteers are at the centre of Urban Mooring CIC. Without Volunteers we couldn't do what we do. We need you skills and enthusiasm to create a lasting impact for the community. If your interested in volunteering with us read on.

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Community Activities

Community activity is part of 'civic responsibility'. It's about doing things in our community because we want to give back to our communities, or help others, rather than because we have to by law

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Boater Services

We have Gas, Coal and Short term Moorings available at Urban Mooring Located on the Wyrley and Essignton Canal at Horseley fields Juction.


Chandlery & Gift Shop

Site History

Urban moorings is located at Old Lime Kilm Wharf & Commercial Wharf which was the home of the 'ampton boats that ran from the coal mines at Cannock to the factories at Tipton.

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Team Urban Moorings

Alison Tuck

Project Director

Jennie Howland


Ronni Payne

Works Director

Louise Moore

Finance Director

Living on the canal provides a set of challenges that many on land have never experienced; self sufficiency being at the forefront. It gives us a unique way of looking at the world and our surroundings. Generating power, getting water, emptying toilets, rubbish disposal, somewhere to moor access to shops, breakdowns: These are all day to day problems which have to be overcome. Forward thinking, creativity and planning are essential.

The Team @ Urban moorings CIC

Building Moorings


We want to create moorings that are unique and offer flexibility to boat owners and live-aboard's alike

Preserving Canal History

Commercial Wharf

We want the history of the industrial Canal system to be available to see and be used by everyone



We want to bring the canal and land communities together. A space where difference and different ideas are the norm.