Green House

We started on the clearing the green house area in March. As with every part of this site Buddleia removal is the first job. Its chopping hacking shredding,burning and then stump removal. It's hard work and we can hear the screams but buddleia is the butterfly plant. Buddleia is an invasive species that takes over everything and destroys diversity.

The Start of the Moorings

Well after months and months of producing reports after reports, concept drawings showing how we going to build the mooring. Risk assessments, Method statements and insurance. We produced a report 18 pages long!!! Anyway we have finally got permission to build the walkway and moorings. 

Clearing buddleia


So summer is here and so far its been a good summer here at Urban Moorings. We received the tenancy for the boathouse buildings and associated land from Wolverhampton Council. Despite what some may say about councils, the people we have dealt with at Wolverhampton Council have been very supportive and helpful.

First Shed Going UP

Well this past month has seen Christmas come and go and a new year begin. HAPPY 2017 TO EVERYONE. We had a lovely time and enjoyed our celebratory meal in a shed, yes no joking, it was in a shed. Table laid, shed tastefully decorated and we had music too. Coffee made by using the small camping stove. Even went posh with After Eight mints!!

Well one month ago we all arrived here at Urban Moorings and what a day that was!! Had to remove a supermarket delivery trolley and a couple of chairs and assorted detritus from the arm just to get two of the boats in and moored up.