Commercial Wharf 1950's

Thank you as always to the helpful Tony Gregory and his fantastic archive of photos. He was kind enough to send us this amazing picture of Commercial Wharf in the 1950's

Green House

We started on the clearing the green house area in March. As with every part of this site Buddleia removal is the first job. Its chopping hacking shredding,burning and then stump removal. It's hard work and we can hear the screams but buddleia is the butterfly plant. Buddleia is an invasive species that takes over everything and destroys diversity.

Tyre Bench Start

We are removing and clearing a space at the front entrance to put in a greenhouse. This area get loads of sun so this is perfect position for it for a bench made out of tyres!

Salad Planter

Good use being made of an old pallet​ and some of the bags we get our wood in (off cuts courtesy of Harris Moore Fine Art Framers). Our Salad Bar. Back of pallet covered with bags and whole thing placed on top of the compost bin sides. Should work well.

The Start of the Moorings

Well after months and months of producing reports after reports, concept drawings showing how we going to build the mooring. Risk assessments, Method statements and insurance. We produced a report 18 pages long!!! Anyway we have finally got permission to build the walkway and moorings.