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News From The Cut #2

Urban Moorings Newsletter #2 July 2021

Well yes, summer is at long last here. It`s been your fairly typical summer so far. Heat wave, then cool and wet, then hot and wet, the weather does not seem to know what it`s doing just now.

The poor plants do not know whether they are coming or going but generally speaking they are growing like the clappers. That is all the plants, including the ones growing in the wrong place (weeds).

With the help of some lovely volunteers, the road entrance to Urban Moorings is looking – well almost posh. The weeds and rubbish have been removed and the flower beds that was lurking beneath has been planted.

The gates have been cleaned and painted by the wonderful Colin with paint supplied by Colins wonderful Boss. Actually, Colins Boss has donated lots of the part used cans of paint they have and we will make very good use of them.

We are open to volunteers on Saturdays. From 10am, or whenever you can get here, till whenever we have had enough and want to sit down to coffee/tea and have a good old natter.

At present we are concentrating on the main entrance, driveway and car park so we can make the place more inviting to everyone. Its definitely a neglected part of Wolverhampton. Once its tidy we can then start on making the sensory garden with canal access for everyone to come down and enjoy the curley wyrley (wyrley and Essington canal)

When we have cleared the side fence of the driveway of rubbish and weeds, the fence will need painting. Then we have lots of tires that are going to be turned into planters. So if you fancy turning your hand to tire planter making, watch this space for when we start. Its not just making the planters but decorating them and then planting them up.

As mentioned, the garden has gone a touch mad due to the weather we have been having just recently. Wet, the warm, then warm and wet at the same time.

Good for the cropping plants. We have had some tasty tender stem broccoli, fresh peas, strawberries and raspberries and we have lettuces ready to harvest. Along with that lots of rhubarb.

We have lots of other stuff growing well. The beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and especially the pumpkins are all growing well. Not so much the courgette’s this yet. Not sure why but that’s how it goes sometimes.

And the weeds have grown well too. So, as well as clearing up the driveway and car park, we need some help with the weeding. No we don’t take all of the weeds out. We have areas where nature is allowed to take its course, but we do like to keep the site as tidy as we can. So, if you fancy a bit of gentle weeding, come see us. You can pick your own from our garden.

Dave and Lisa plus one have been working hard on the off side of the canal arm where the next phase of moorings will be going in. Its going to be a long job. There is a stubborn piece of metal that slightly overhangs the water that has been there so long that tree roots and stuff have grown over it. It needs to be removed but it is proving difficult. But Dave and Lisa will win in the end. Piece of metal does not stand a chance against that team.

The task of shed painting has been started by our own Yogi. There are lots of sheds to paint as well as the hoardings that are on the boat house and garage. But that is a future project.

On the admin-ish side of things, the Urban Moorings Directors had a positive meeting some members of Wolverhampton Council and our own local councilor, Anwen Muston. Hopefully together we will be able to move forward with the plans for bringing the old garage into productive use and the longer-term restoration of the boathouse and toll house. More details will be forthcoming as things progress.

Well, Summers Here and the time is right – maybe not quite for Dancing in the Street (had to get that in ) but definitely for BBQ’s and lots of outdoor fun. So have a good time till next time.

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