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Our First Open 2021

WE HAD AN OPEN DAY —– and what a day it was. On Saturday 22nd May 2021, Urban Moorings hosted their first open day since Covid Shut us Down. The weather Gods smiled upon us and we only had a few short showers and at one point, the sun even came out. Despite the clouds and showers, lots of people came along to see what we are all about.

Richard Parry (C.E.O. of Canal and River Trust) paid us a visit. He knows first hand what the site was like when we first arrived as he visited us shortly after we started the Urban Moorings project. Our local councillor, Anwen Muston came along as did Claire Darke (former Mayor of Wolverhampton) who brought with her a good selection of plants for us. Anwen came armed with some seeds, she has donated lots of seed to us over the past few months, some of which have been sown in one of the new flower beds created on site. Some people from the Buckinghamshire Canal Restoration Society came along. It was nice to meet them. The press came along as well. Photos were taken and questions asked. We made the paper and you can read the article here.

Some good friends came along too but the most wonderful thing was, lots of local people came along. They all had chats with the Urban Moorings team and had a good wander around the site. Many were interested in the projects we have planned for the future. Seven, yes seven people have signed up to become volunteers which will make such an amazing difference to the projects we have planned. In fact, the first volunteers project will be to tidy up the main road entrance to our site.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well not quite a simple as that. There are lots of overgrown and dead bushes to be removed along with lots of weeds. After the clearing phase, there are gardens to be built and planted. Gates to be cleaned up and repainted and signs to go up. And that’s just the main entrance! After that hopefully we can progress up the driveway which will be another project in itself. f you would like to help out you can enrol here.

There was tea/coffee and soft drinks available which I am glad to say everyone enjoyed. It was help yourself and people did and as promised — there was CAKE. And biscuits. The donation tin that was on the table with the cakes and stuff contained the very goodly amount of £114 plus change at the end of the day. Thankyou to everyone who donated and purchase bits and bobs from our bric-a-brac table.

As with most community projects, every penny donated to Urban Moorings is gratefully received. Without the generous donations of the public, it will take much longer to complete the individual projects planned. Well, after the success of our open day we will be holding our first volunteer day this coming Saturday.

With the help of our volunteers and the wonderful support we have received from all quarters, we will keep on doing what we have been and lots more to boot. Keep an eye on our progress. Oh yes, if you would like to donate to any of the projects, please click here.

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