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Uncovering a Post

When we arrived on site we were faced with the biggest amounts of overgrowth and piles of rubble and debris that you could imagine. The site had been used as a tipping ground for the best part of 20 years! Slowly we have begun to eat away at the piled up timber, concrete and soil, and one day we made a fantastic discovery…..

We uncovered our very own BCN Boundary Marker Post whilst creating a new garden area. This post which is on the bank next to the arm, would have marked the point of the arm owned by Birmingham Canal Navigation Company. Past this point the arm would have belonged to the LMS Railway Company.

The Wyrley & Essington Canal was brought by the BCN Company in 1840, so this innocuous looking cast iron post is the best part of 170 years old!

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  1. what a great find a big bit of history that there is no many around to be seen, great for school kids to see, to learn about how transport on the canal made the midlands, kids of today just think the canal is there not why or what it was there for. bet there s many other finds around. hope there is. looking forward to it, maybe the land could have some sort of presevation order done on it.

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