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Sheds and Much More

Well this past month has seen Christmas come and go and a new year begin. HAPPY 2017 TO EVERYONE. We had a lovely time and enjoyed our celebratory meal in a shed, yes no joking, it was in a shed. Table laid, shed tastefully decorated and we had music too. Coffee made by using the small camping stove. Even went posh with After Eight mints!!

The sheds went up fairly easily. Since the sheds went up we have been busy. All the electric cables and connections to power the sheds are in (Paul did that) We are not connected to the main power grid but do have a couple of big generators, and one little one, so there is plenty of power for lights, tools and other equipment that needs power and the two big sheds have windows all along one side.

The boats are self-sufficient and we generate our own power as we always have. Hooking up to the main grid is in the plans for the future but we also intend to use solar and wind power as much as possible in keeping with our ecological aims.

The raised beds are coming along at a great pace. We have utilised some old sleepers that someone had kindly ‘dumped’ here at some point in the past. But with a lot of hard work (the sleepers are somewhat heavy!!) and the judicious use of a chain saw, we now have a good sized raised bed that will be made good use of.

It joins in nicely with the mound, some of the old bricks that are damaged and no good for paths or walls, carefully piled up around a tree and covered with a good amount of soil. The big stones around the base of the mound were also donated by some kind person in the past (fly tipping). The use of the materials that have been left here in past is great and fits in very well with our ethos of recycling and reusing what is available.

We have some primroses growing in the mound already.The biggest task at present is trying to keep the three ‘bosses’ of Urban Moorings from running, jumping and generally enjoying themselves from utilising the raised bed and mound for a playground. Bless them, they are only trying to help ?

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