Urban Moorings CIC Latest News Sweet Summer Sunshine….Or Rain Maybe?

Sweet Summer Sunshine….Or Rain Maybe?

So summer is here and so far its been a good summer here at Urban Moorings. We received the tenancy for the boathouse buildings and associated land from Wolverhampton Council. Despite what some may say about councils, the people we have dealt with at Wolverhampton Council have been very supportive and helpful.

 So since then WE HAVE  A GATE !!!! A Sign on the building. (Thanks to DV Design) And one on the fence by the entrance.

The car park clearing has begun and Paul has been hard at work as you can see with a bit of help from the ‘minions’ (the rest of us). The shredder has been fed so much Buddleia! A good buy that was and Paul is now a seasoned user of it. The windows have been cleaned up, primed and glazed The internal work on the brick section of the boathouse has begun. AND —- we will soon have a fully working comfort station (the loo)

On the Moorings side, we now have the tenancy agreement with Canal and River Trust in place and almost have agreement as to how the staging and bank reclamation can proceed.

We are working with both the council and CRT towards co running leases which will be helpful with the funding applications for work on both the buildings and moorings.

Have had our first quote for the complete roof replacement (takes a sharp intake of breath)

Just under £110,000.

Sounds a lot but its about what we expected for a good job. Anyway now, with the councils help, the task of applying for funding begins.

Unless there is someone out there who want’s to donate £110,000 to us. In my dreams.

But you could buy a brick from us — we have one or two lying around ?But if folk wanted to, they could become a Friend of Urban Moorings and have their name on our roll of honour. Any donation would be put to good use and much appreciated.

Also, sort of donations, if anyone has anything that they think may be of use to us fitting in with our ethos of recycle, reuse and/or re-purpose, just drop us an email.

Whilst I’m at it, if anyone wants to volunteer for a day of hard and sometimes dirty work (including cutting down even MORE of the dreaded Buddleia) to help us clear some more of the area you can express and interest here. You will get tea/coffee and maybe even slice of cake or biccies if preferred.

Our website is coming along well now, thanks to the input from Alison and Louise. Well apart from all this stuff going on, the garden is coming along great guns. The compost is coming along well and we have not one, but two patches of grass growing.

We have had our first picking of beans, radishes and lettuce. The herbs have done very well and its nice to be able to use fresh herbs. The tomato’s are growing great guns, including the ‘experimental’ ones that have been grown from tomatoes bought from a supermarket (they were organic tomatoes) even the one in a small pop bottle!!!

The sunflowers are forming some nice heads and the Hollyhock in the ‘grave’ has been glorious. Hoping to collect some seeds from it for next year. Well before you know it, autumn will be upon us and the trees will be covering the ground in the leaves they no longer need. This means only one thing — home made leaf mulch !!!

Will let you know how that goes.

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