Tyre Bench

Finished Tyre Bench

We are removing and clearing a space at the front entrance to put in a greenhouse. This area get loads of sun so this is perfect position for it for a bench made out of tyres!

 Anyway we have loads of soil and debris, its not great for growing stuff in as its got loads of rubbish in it. So what to do. well we could get a skip and just get rid of it. The problem is we have limited access onto site, 10ft max through the railway arch!!! This means we can only have a tiny tiny skip!!!

We have been looking at ways to reuse the soil by landscaping. We have lots and lots of tyres on site so a tyre wall is perfect. Looking at the garden we have a couple of areas where we sit to chat and plan and just be. We already had a fire pit made out of an old gas cylinder so building some seats around seemed a natural thing.The tyres took a surprising load of soil and our back were hurting from wheel barrowing it down to them and packing it in tight. All that was needed was a seat bit. We used decking and 3×2 treated wood to create the seats. It was hard work but it looks brilliant. We will be using more soil as we build up a bank at the back to finish off this area. Hopefully by mixing in compost we can get some grass to grow on it.

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