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Update Covid-19 lockdown

It`s Been A Long Summer – and look what we have done.It has certainly been an interesting year has 2020. We were so please earlier in the year that we were in a position where we could begin welcoming visitors and volunteers to our little project. We even made the papers. Then, as for everyone else, a certain rather nasty little virus raised its head and lockdown happened. That put an end to that, but being Urban Moorings, the project and the work did not stop – there is no holding a good team down.

So, what have we done? Well, we have :-Built three big raised beds, five big composting bins and one recycling bin. All from the saved beams and timbers from the “shed of despair” that was taken down late last year. Built a new coal store from two recycled pontoon’s, some recycled timber and decking and the odd bits of roof felting left over from the other sheds. Put in some more sheds (and my potting shed). Built custom raised beds with slatted top covers that can be used to stand pots/seed trays on in spring and late autumn to maximise the greenhouses use.

Dug trenches for water and electricity. Installed three service bollards. Had water and electricity installed. Side note – we, well Alison assisted by the rest of us, connected the water but all the electrical installation/connection was done by the professionals (Bodey and Doyle – you have to be of an age to get that). Had water and electricity connected to service bollards. Had a sunken boat raised. The guys from River Canal Rescue made it look so easy. Gave the trees some much needed TLC, well the amazing guys from Tree Patrol Limited did. And whilst all this was going on, managed to grow loads of stuff, keep the place fairly tidy and have quite a few laughs along the way.

We said goodbye to Heidi and Jakki and hello to Kate Saffin who came to stay for a few days but then lockdown happened and that turned into a few weeks. Not good for our waistlines as Kates muffins and cookies were extremely nice. Then goodbye to Kate – then hello again, only for a few days this time. Then another goodbye to Kate and hello to Kit and Mike – well welcome back really.

Dave and Lisa have come and gone, come back again and gone again to get some work done on their boat. Will be back again soon. The rest of us have played musical boats on occasion due to the need for better access to things like the roof of a boat (yea!!! my roof finally got painted) but we are now settled back in our places for the oncoming winter. So what is the plan for the future ?? Well the community shed or Limekiln Cottage to give it its name, needs loads of shelving and desk space built so that is a good inside job. The laundry room and office need cladding and decorating so that is another good inside job. Pauls old shed has got a bad case of damp and rot so that is being cleared then dismantled and is going to be replaced (by me Jennie, not Urban Moorings).And of course, there is the ongoing job of keeping the place tidy.

Spring 2021 ?? (April time)Hopefully we will be able to welcome back visitors and our volunteers by then. There will always be lots going on here – gardening, planters needing making, painting, crafts and art clubs, knit and natter type of thing along with anything else that folk want (as long as it is legal ) and we are at the beginning stages of expanding our mooring capacity. There is a lot of red tape to get through and there will be a mountain of hard work next year before we can offer moorings out, but we will get there. So, keep an eye on our face book page to see how we are getting on and if you feel like helping out when all restrictions are lifted, we are on Google maps and our post code is WV1 3DZ. Look forward to meeting you. 2020 has most defiantly been a funny year but for us here at Urban Moorings, it has still been a very productive one.

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