Urban Moorings CIC Volunteering

Volunteers are at the centre of Urban Mooring CIC. Without Volunteers we couldn’t do what we do. We need your skills and enthusiasm to create a lasting impact for the community. If your interested in volunteering with us read on.

We have a massive job ahead of us to get this site up and running. We have spent the last three years getting all the infrastructure in place and clearing the site ready for the construction phase. We have now got the main moorings done. This gives us the income to improve the rest of the site. We have two heritage buildings on site and we want to restore those. This will require Lottery funding. 

The rest of the projects are: 

A community sensory garden with access to the canal at Horseley fields junction on the Whirley and Essington canal. 

Converting the Garage into a shop/workshop and cafe as a maker space.

Creating a garden and improving, both entrances onto site.

Create extra moorings on the arm this will involve clearance and landscaping, and building floating pontoons

We are looking for people who want to get involved at the start to build the garden. Planning, planting and Landscaping. The garden will be accessible to all ages and abilities to just enjoy the garden and/or grow your own plants. 

We are looking for people with building skills to help us turn a ramshackle garage into a maker space.

If you want to volunteer with us please register an interest below